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Travelling to Venice, Italy

Why visit Venice?

I visited Venice last summer as part of my inter-railing trip around Europe. It was our first stop and it was the perfect place to start. What I loved about Venice was how you can get lost in the never-ending winding streets. The walk to St. Mark’s Square is filled with rustic buildings, old bridges and famous Venetian gondolas!

What we did

  • St. Mark’s Square – A must in Venice! We arrived at Piazzale Roma (the entrance of the city) and began our venture to St. Mark’s Square. The walk there is just as impressive as the actually Square, so be sure to take your time and stop off for plenty of pictures and gelato! Tip: Wear comfy shoes and pack water and suncream – I did neither of these and in true Jessie style, complained about it every 5 seconds. 
  • Grand Canal – The Grand Canal reminded me of something out of the James bond movie, I was half expecting Daniel Craig to come zooming round the corner on a luxurious speedboat. Unfortunately this didn’t happen, but it was still great.
  • Vaporetto – One of the best ways to get around the city is using the watersbus! Yes, it is as fun as it sounds. The bus takes you to all the main attractions in Venice, however you’ll be looking to spend around €30 for a two-day pass.
  • Rialto Bridge – Spanning the Grand Canal is this amazing sixteenth-century footbridge! In the pictures below you can a hilarious seagull who was loving the attention from all the tourists, 100% posing for the cameras.
  • Lido – Great for those who love popping to the beach for some relaxation after a busy day in Venice. Not the quietest beach in the world, but it was great to sizzle in the sun for a few hours.
  • Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fanatic for Italian food. From pasta to pizza, coffee to gelato, revel in the glorious food Venice has to offer.

Where we stayed

I would definitely recommend Plus Camping Jolly for those who are looking for budget accommodation. It had good facilities (incl. laundry, market, swimming pool!!) however it did lack cooking appliances and its location was not ideal following an early morning flight. The staff were helpful and friendly and its atmosphere was great for both families and backpackers alike.

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