Top 5 Travel Apps

Top 5 Travel Apps

Top 5 Travel Apps


The accommodation app to end all accommodation apps. Airbnb offers you stunning rooms and apartments from all around the world. However, if you’re after something a little different, the app also lets you view castles, houseboats, tree houses and igloos! What’s great is that a lot of the time renting an Airbnb for your holidays can work out cheaper than paying for a hotel room. I am planning on going on a mini road trip this year and I cannot stop obsessing over some of the apartments you can rent! I especially love going on the Airbnb to look at travel inspiration and ideas of where to go on my next adventure.

Campervan Airbnb App
Campervan for rent on the Airbnb app

Google Translate

If you’re jetting off to another country then be sure to download this app! It’s very important to have a few phrases of the country you’re visiting up your sleeve and also saves you a lot of time. Without this app, it would take me forever to translate big chunks of text. Instead, you can put your camera on any piece of text and it will automatically translate it for you! I spent a lot of my time on this app living in Amsterdam. It’s become extremely handy for when I need to check the ingredients of food when I am in the supermarket.

The only app you need for booking hotels with very competitive prices. The best feature about this app is that you’re able to reserve a hotel room and pay for it when you arrive and on top of that you also get FREE cancellation of most rooms! Once you have booked your hotel room you even receive a free guide to the place that you are visiting. oooolala.


Everything you need for searching for the right flight. Skyscanner allows you to compare flight prices and durations to ensure you get the perfect flight to your destination. The app shows you the cheapest dates to travel so you can plan in advance. It allows you to mix and match flights so you can fly with a different airline on your return to ensure the best price. What I really like about Skyscanner is the ease of looking for the best flight in one place, instead of frantically searching and comparing prices in dozens of other websites.

Looking out of a plane window


The go-to app you need for all the top things to do in your destination. TripAdvisor is especially good for searching for good restaurant recommendations, day trips and attractions. Now, I am not a huge fan of the design layout but in terms of reviews, they provide you with access to millions of reviews which you can’t really find anywhere else.

Thanks for reading! Is there any other great travel apps out there that are not on this list? Let me know in the comments…

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