Rome, Italy

Things to do in Rome, Italy

Why visit Rome?

From famous historical landmarks to more untold wonders. The most mouth-watering food I have ever tasted (I still find myself dreaming about fresh Italian spaghetti). Shopping we can only dream of, Rome completely blew me away.

Spending a long weekend in Rome was more than enough time to see what the city has to offer. Of course, I could have spent eternity there because it is truly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! What I loved about Rome was if you didn’t have time to see something in the day it was just as, if not more, beautiful to see during the night. For example the Trevi Fountain during the day was especially busy. However come night-time, it was much less crowded and the fountain looked heavenly all lit up – as you can see in the pictures further down!

What we did

  • Colosseum – The Colosseum was one of the places which was incredible to see in the day and at night. My mum, brother and I had pizza and drank wine in a little restaurant opposite the lit up Colosseum and it honestly felt like we were in a movie.
  • The Roman Forum – Visit the ruins of ancient Roman buildings right in the centre of Rome.
  • Trevi Fountain – One of my favourite places! I did prefer seeing the fountain during the evening as it was much less busy and looked incredibly illuminated.
  • Spanish Steps – Unfortunately, when we visited the Spanish Steps they were being renovated. However, the small square surrounding the steps was also a great place to shop.
  • Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums – Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam is a must-see in the Sistine Chapel! While the Vatican Museum is full of countless masterpieces from painting to sculptures.
  • Saint Peters Basilica – Get your camera at the ready because of the amazing architecture the Basilica has to offer. Tip: make sure to cover your legs and shoulders when visiting the Basilica and Sistine Chapel – shawls are usually available to buy around the area.
  • Capuchin Crypt – Something very different to do in Rome/anywhere else in the world. The remains of 3000 Capuchin monks are displayed in an eerie, macabre yet extraordinary way.
  • Free Walking Tour – This was without a doubt my favourite to do in Rome! Nick, our guide, took us on an amazing, historical journey of Rome and showed us places we never would have come across otherwise! At the end of the tour you tip the guide to the value of your experience. Tip: Do the walking tour at the beginning of your trip to learn the rich history of Rome and amazing tips from the people who know Rome the best!

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