Foodhallen and Kanary Club in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Hotspot – The Foodhallen

Amsterdam Hotspot – The Foodhallen

What is the Foodhallen?

What used to be an abandoned tram depot was transformed into a place that we all know and love – the Foodhallen. The Foodhallen is a very cool indoor food market featuring 20 high-quality food and drinks kitchens. When you visit you are guaranteed amazing food, cool music and positive vibes surrounded by like-minded people.

Foodhallen and Kanary Club in Amsterdam

Why should you go?

No matter how fussy an eater you might be, the Foodhallen is the only place you need to go for food. It truly has it all. Choose from Sushi, Burgers, Hotdogs, Vietnamese rolls, Pizzas, Cupcakes – the list goes on and on. If you’re like me and need a drink to wash all this amazing food down, then you’ll be glad to know there is also a fully equipped beer truck and a gin and tonic bar!

Hotdog with popcorn! At the Foodhallen
Is that a hotdog with popcorn on it? Yes it is.

My personal favourite? Maza. A delicious Mediterranean kitchen where you can treat yourself to the sharing platter for a feast full of hummus, falafel, bread and olives.

Maza platter at Foodhallen in Amsterdam

I would definitely recommend going in a small group and each choose a dish from a different kitchen, as that way you get to try all the different food the Foodhallen has to offer.

That’s not all! Next door is also the Filmhallen which is one of Amsterdam’s coolest and quirkiest cinemas.

When is the best time to go?

This place is pretty much always busy. So if you prefer to beat the rush then I would definitely recommend going on a weekday. On the other hand, if you prefer dining and drinking in a more lively atmosphere then go there during the weekends! Just keep in mind that it can be very difficult to get a seat during the weekends, so you could end up standing up with your food which is never really great. 

Where is the Foodhallen?

The Foodhallen is situated on the best street in Amsterdam, the Kinkerstraat. You can find the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam Oud-West (Old-West) and it is one of Amsterdam’s up-and-coming streets.

Thanks for reading! Will you be heading to the Foodhallen in Amsterdam?



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    Nice article and photos! I’ll keep in touch with your work. Oh, and I see that you also have a travel blog! Mine is also about traveling. I hope to know more about amsterdam through your posts!

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      Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, I have just really started to get in my stride of travel writing and really enjoying it. I will be sure to read your work as well. Thanks!

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    Goodluck to us both! Maybe I’ll get to see some of the places you’ve featured here when I get the chance to go to amsterdam.

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