The best brunch in Amsterdam at Greenwoods

The Best Brunch in Amsterdam

If you didn’t read it right then yes, the best brunch in Amsterdam!

Greenwoods is a cute and cosy brunch restaurant accommodating all your breakfast desires. So if you’re after a great English breakfast then this is the place to be. I did exactly this and opted for The Veggie, an indulgent and immaculate full English breakfast for us vegetarians. Hands down it was the best vegetarian breakfast I’ve had, and I know that’s a big statement. I was barely coming up for air from stuffing myself with halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, poached eggs, avocados, roasted potatoes, beans and brown toast, phew! The price very much reflects the quality of the food, as the ingredients are very fresh and the portions are surprisingly gigantic. Even when I felt I couldn’t eat another bite I was still going back for more as well as ordering a Triple Chocolate Caramel Seasalt Cake to take away.

What I love about the place are the cosy vibes! It’s a great atmosphere to match the amazing food. The staff are also worth a mention. They are really lovely, even when it is incredibly busy they ensure that everyone is happy with their food with a smile on their face.

Greenwoods is always busy so make sure you ring to a book a table or arrive earlier to avoid the lunch rush hour! Take a look at some of the tasty food they have to offer below:


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