Rollende Keukens - Churros stand in Amsterdam Westerpark

Rollende Keukens, Amsterdam

Rollende Keukens, Amsterdam

Food Festival


Last month Rollende Keukens (Rolling Kitchen) came to Amsterdam, also known as the biggest food festival across Europe! The event was held at Westerpark which is quickly becoming my favourite park in the whole of Amsterdam. They are always holding free events in the summer and it’s also so pretty to just wander around!

The festival did not only have a huge selection of food to feast your eyes on – we did about 5 laps trying to decide what food we were in the mood for – but they also had live music playing throughout the day, anything from hard rock and roll to karaoke. The beer was on tap and the atmosphere was incredible.

Any type of food that you can possibly think of and I guarantee they had it. Pizza? Yes. Churros? Yep. Waffles? Of course. Milf? I don’t know how that’s possible but they had it.

Some of the food stands we incredibly extravagant – from a seafood school bus to a HUMAN SIZED Oyster and a pancake slide. After much deliberation, I decided to go for Smokey Goodness – a selection of bbq’d veggies and all the tabasco flavours in the world.

The festival had a number of tents up where they were playing live music – some of it was so good – I would definitely check out Akula Rhythm. And some was very questionable but extremely fun, like 70’s karaoke! 

Amsterdam food festival

This was genuinely one of my favourite weekends in Amsterdam so far! Not only did me and my flatmate explore different Dutch cities (posts coming soon!) but my friends from uni also came to visit. Even for my vegan friend, shout out to @veg_an, Rollende Keukens was filled with delicious vegan treats.

Make sure you check out the Rolling Kitchen when it comes back to Amsterdam in 2019!





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