How To Get a Bike in Amsterdam

How To Get a Bike in Amsterdam

As you probably gathered from my previous post, riding a bike in Amsterdam has not been my forte. At all. Not even a little bit. You can imagine that the bicycle capital of the world can be a pretty daunting place to cycle around, especially when you’ve never been great at it in the first place. Nevertheless, when in the Netherlands do as the Dutch do!

Where to look for a bike

On my search for a bike, I mostly looked at Facebook groups and for most of you, getting one this way will be easy enough. However, because of my height, I did struggle to find one small enough without resorting to a Disney princess bike. So I used this marktplaats (marketplace), which has the biggest selection of second-hand bikes. I found a great bike and went to see it on the same day. That’s where I found the Gazelle. Gazelle is the famous brand of Amsterdam bikes and you can usually spot them from their distinctive front lamp.

For €90 I got the Gazelle and lock included and even managed to get the bike dropped off at home the following day. She is a beauty there is no doubt about it.

Getting used to cycling around Amsterdam

Now for a funny story… My first day riding to work, it took me 50 minutes in total, and it was a complete and utter disaster. I got lost numerous times, nearly got hit by a motorcycle, swore at and I crashed a cut my leg. Oh, and I was obviously late for work.

So for anyone who is worried about riding their bike around Amsterdam, this story does have a happy ending. I am now getting to work in a record time of 35 minutes, no getting lost and I could quite confidently say that I am pretty good. After all, practice makes perfect and now I can’t imagine life in Amsterdam without the Gazelle


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