Must see Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Germany

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin

One of the things that stood out the most in our trip to Berlin, was visiting the Holocaust Memorial. Both the memorial and underground museum are an important and harrowing reminder of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust.

Designed by architect Peter Eisenman, the Memorial displays 2,711 rectangular stones. You form your own opinion on what the monument represents to you.




When you first see the Holocaust memorial it looks like a horizon of tombstones, an eerie yet fitting view. Yet, once you begin to walk through the monument it is a completely different experience from simply taking it in from afar. As you can see from the images, when you overlook the monument, the stones all seem to be at a similar level. However, when you begin to walk through the memorial you are completely taken aback by the height and different levels of the individual stones. All of them soon looming over you.

For me, this highlighted how once you are in the thick of it and the stones are towering above you, you’re not quite sure how this happened. I think this then reflects on the Holocaust itself because you cannot fully understand or grasp the overwhelming impact it still has. This is what I got from the memorial.




Underground is the visitor’s centre. It has to be the quietest museum I have ever been to, with everyone taking in the information they are being told. You are able to see the final messages victims left to their loved ones and family trees which had been destroyed by the events. As eerie as it is, it is so important to visit for the exact reason conveyed below.




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  • Wilbur's Travels , Direct link to comment

    Scarily it has happened again and keeps happening, Yugoslavia, Syria, Myanmar etc etc. The human race is the cruelest animal sometimes. I have visited such places in Israel, Poland & Czechia and Cambodia and recognise the eerie contemplative silence you convey. As you say it is important to remember these things amongst all the fun things a city offers. Wilbur.

    • Jessie Randhawa , Direct link to comment

      Exactly, I couldn’t agree more! It’s so important to remember otherwise history is condemned to repeat itself. Some very interesting place you have visited there, I am interested to hear about your experiences in Israel, do you have any posts I could read? Thanks, Jessie

      • Wilbur's Travels , Direct link to comment

        I went there in ‘93 but apart from writing about an impromptu football match on a square in Old Jerusalem i have blogged very little about my visit there, probably because my photos are shockers! I will put this right soon. Yad Vashem is the holocaust museum that describes the holocaust in Łódź in Poland. I will never forget the wooden cattle truck where dozens of people were herded in on their way to the death camps.

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