Banksy’s Dismaland

Banksy’s Dismaland


Famous street artist, Banksy, opened up what can only be described as a dismal, desolate and depressing version of Disneyland. Based in the apt seaside resort of Weston-super-Mare, Dismaland attracted people from all over the world, including myself.

Before you’re allowed to enter the ‘apocalyptic theme park‘, there is a security check with cardboard body scanners and staff telling you smiling wasn’t allowed as you enter. Of course, this only made me giggle uncontrollably so I was asked to wait at the side until I had stopped… Finally, after my laughing fit was over, my ticket was scrunched up into a ball and placed into the palm of my hand. I was ready to enter.

In truth, I loved everything about Dismaland. It was funny, thought-provoking and ironic. On the one hand, there was light-hearted social messages such as the carnival game ‘Topple the Anvil’, which highlighted the ludicrously expensive fairground games out to loot your money. (The irony lay in the fact that people would actually pay to try and topple the anvil with plastic balls.) A hook-a-duck game with a perched pelican covered in oil spill and pollution. And a Cinderella carriage crash scene that was sure to destroy childhood dreams.

On the other hand, other aspects of the park had more serious undertones to them. For example, the Punch and Judy puppet show revealed how the show trivialises domestic violence. There was a heartbreaking remote control boat filling with desperate refugees. And a tent filled to the brim with flags of social issues.

Take a peak at some of the images I took below. A picture says a thousand words!

David Cameron DismalandBanky's Dismaland Ferris WheelBanky Dismaland - A Democracy to die forBanky Dismaland - Distroted Princess ArielBanky Dismaland = Un-fuck the systemBanky Dismaland - Oil PollutionBanky Dismaland - Topple the AnvilBanky Dismaland - Drawing the back of people's headsBanky Dismaland - Eating meat messageBanky Dismaland - original graffiti

Banky Dismaland - Cinderella carriage crashBanky Dismaland img_1600-minimg_1577-minimg_1582-minimg_1602-minimg_1628-minimg_1616-minimg_1617-minimg_1646img_1619-minimg_1658img_1663img_1649

Writing about Dismaland seems more appropriate now than ever before. After a year of Brexit and Donald Trump, it’s important to remind ourselves of all the things we can do to make change in 2017!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Jessie x


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