Cosmic Comedy a stand up comedy night in Berlin Germany

Cosmic Comedy, Berlin

Cosmic Comedy, Berlin

It has been a while since I have posted anything because I have been so busy with my final year of university. But I have now officially finished and have graduated with a First Class Degree! I am so sad I have finished my uni experience but onto bigger and better things.

Standup Comedy

I went to Berlin back in May and this will be the first instalment of my Berlin posts. Cosmic Comedy is a standup comedy night which runs every Monday and Thursday night at 1820 Bar. We were really interested in doing this because of the amazing reviews and because I was taking part in an internship with The Comedy Trust – a standup comedy company.

On arrival we got a couple of drinks upstairs (2for1 so I was buzzing), then made our way downstairs. It was relaxed and small cozy space with plenty of seats and the smell of pizza in the air. Much to Liam’s disagreement, we parked ourselves on the comfy sofas at the front.

Different types of comedians

We were then introduced to our host, Dharmander Singh, who was amazing beyond words. He was really inviting and from the Midlands, which made the whole thing even funnier!

We had the chance to watch nine comedians. On the one hand, some were just starting out as comedians while others had been performing for years. They were all from different parts of the world and all with different experiences, which is what made the show so special! We enjoyed comedians from Lebanon, Norway and even from our very own neighbours, Scotland. It was interesting to see all the different types of comedy acts. For example, while some comedians liked to talk to the audience like old friends, others had polished and set routines.

Boots and Cats

My personal favourite was a comedian who presented his own Nicki Minaj inspired rap. He got me to repeat “boots and cats” into the microphone for the beat and needless to say my British accent became part of the joke… At least he didn’t pick Liam because I’m sure he would’ve shat himself had he been chosen.

We could tell it was one of the quieter nights the comedy club had because when looking at pictures online the place looked a lot busier than when we were there. We also became very aware that it was a quieter than usual because of the comedians themselves remarking on it, when in fact the show should’ve carried on either way.

Nevertheless the experience was amazing and I definitely would go back when I am next in Berlin. For €8 you get plenty of laughs, pizza and shots, what more could you ask for!


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