Big Boat Stage at Bestival, a festival in the UK

Bestival: The Festival of Dreams

Bestival: The Festival of Dreams


Earlier this month, I got to experience the festival you can only dream of attending – Bestival.

For those of you who don’t know, Bestival is an enchantingly weird and wonderful four-day boutique music festival. For this years theme they stepped right up with an elaborate Circus theme which was incredibly well executed. From acts walking on a tightrope which was set ablaze to flying trapeze artists, the Grand Indian Circus, the Human Cannonball and loads more! 

The Dream Team

The festival recently moved their location to Dorset in the South of England. Having to travel down from Leeds, we were ecstatic that we didn’t have to get a ferry down all the way to the Isle of Wight. Which is where the festival was located previously. Still, after an excruciating 7 hour journey to Dorset we pitched our tent up in Emerald city, a perfect spot 30 seconds away from the arena.

The stages in the arena at Bestival were so elaborately designed. My favourites were the HMS Bestival stage, where the DJ’s performed right in the middle of the ships deck. And of course, the ultimate Temple stage! I loved that this stage was at the bottom of a hill so every body had the most amazing view and it created the best atmosphere. 

Boat Stage at Bestival
HMS Bestival Stage
The Temple Stage at Bestival 2018
Temple Stage

Over the course of the weekend we did our utmost to explore as much as we could whilst struggling through the world’s most difficult hangovers, in close to 30 degrees heat. I have never experienced a festival in the heat like it. By the morning, everyones tents became their own mini greenhouses and it took all my energy to crawl out of it and choose to sleep on last night’s cigarette buds outside. But I would always choose being too hot over being too cold at a festival. There is nothing worse that camping in torrential rain (shoutout to Leeds festival 2013). 

Camping at festival - Bestival
Tent life – disposable 📸


Highlights of the festival for me were definitely Silk City (Mark Ronson and Diplo new joint project). Kurupt FM – who probably should’ve been on the main stage with that many people going to see them. Sink the Pink a drag show which was fitting for Pride weekend!


stage at Bestival 2018
STACEY’S another festival fave

What I enjoyed most was being able to walk around the festival and stumbling on something you never would’ve discovered before. For example, after crawling out of our 100 degree tent, we made it to the famous tree where everyone was protecting themselves from the sun. All of a sudden there appeared the coolest drummer group preforming right in front of us. They starting with a small crowd of about 4 or 5 and by the end they were surrounded by at least one hundred people. Another random highlight was in the Old Mout Kiwi Camp where we watched Weapons of Sound, a funky little band playing from junk yard scarps and got the whole crowd happily dancing around them.

So if you love festivals where everyone is happy, the music is fantastic and there is so much to see and do, then Bestival is the one for you! It’s fair to say that it more than exceeded my expectations and that won’t be the last time I’ll be going.

Which festivals would you recommend?


Girls at Bestival 2018


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