I’m Jessie, twenty-two and from Leeds.

After graduating, like a lot of people, I was left with a great degree but virtually no idea what to do next. I had spent last three years in a bubble, protected by friends with the expectation that the experience will never end.

Then that bubble bursts. And I was left contemplating what adulthood even is and why university still hadn’t taught me the right portion size of pasta.

So I decided that the best thing to do was to throw myself in the deep end and move to a different country. I managed to get myself a job based in one of Europe’s most magical cities where I work in marketing. I started this blog as a way of talking about why Amsterdam is so much more than the Red Light District and Coffeeshops. It’s a city of festivals, a proud cycling history and the tallest men in the world.

Check out all the great things you can do here! Thanks for reading.


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