Vegan Junk Food Bar Chicken Burger in Amsterdam

5 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam

5 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam

If you’re visiting Amsterdam and looking for amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants then you’re in luck. Amsterdam is filled with great places to eat for those who choose not to eat meat! Here are 5 of the the best restaurants for vegan and vegetarian food.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Every vegans dream come true. This place has it ALL and is one of my favourite places for food. They do the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Daddy Mc Chik’n is a plant-based chicken burger including two ‘chicken’ breasts, all the right veg and three burger buns piled into a beautiful mountain.

They also do nuggets, vegan mayo, the famous Dutch bitterballen and it’s all vegan!! Hopefully means that it’s kind of healthy for you? There are two in the city, I would recommend going to the one in De Pijp (near the Heineken experience) as it has more options on the menu and serves alcohol whereas the Bar in West doesn’t.

Check out their Instagram account: @veganjunkfoodbar

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

The Avocado Show

If you’re obsessed with avocados then this is the place for you. Also situated in the De Pijp, The Avocado Show uses avocado in every single one of their dishes. Think avocado pancakes, avocado burgers (where the bread bun is actually just avocado) and even an avocado cocktail! What’s great about The Avocado Show is that the team put a crazy amount of effort into making each one of their dishes because they are presented so immaculately.

Check out their insane Instagram account: @theavocadoshow

The Avocado Show Amsterdam

Meatless District

The Meatless District is the perfect place for vegans and vegetarians who are looking for a classier meal out. We tried the Tagliatelle, asparagus risotto and the MD Burger. All of them were amazing – my personal favourite being the tagliatelle! Remember to book – this place gets very busy on the weekends.

The Dutch Weed Burger

Not what you might initially think… The Dutch Weed Burger is a vegan restaurant who use seaweed as a component in a lot of their meals – although you wouldn’t actually realise it. Their portion sizes are huge and delicious, you definitely won’t be disappointed. You can also spot these guys at the coolest food festivals across Amsterdam!

Check out their Instagram account: @thedutchweedburger

Bagels and Beans

BAGELS. All that you need in life. Bagels and Beans have shops dotted around Amsterdam so if you’re stuck on going where to eat brunch, this is the place to go. One of my best friends is vegan, and this was her absolutely favourite place while she was also living in The Netherlands. She always went for the hummus bagel with sun-dried tomatoes and rucola, which I copied of course.

Bagels and beans logo

Do you have more recommendations for vegan/vegetarian food in Amsterdam?


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